• Acrylic on canvas.
    100cm x 75cm x 1.5cm.

    "Coogee Beach" is part of my painting collection. The painting represents the transaction from winter to spring in Australia.

    For me, winter is considerate to be a resting period. The transition between winter and spring, reveals rebirth: nature flourishing, birds singing, days are now longer and there's a nice scent. 


    The image of the painting represents a window facing the ocean, from this there's a majestic view of the sunset over the water and swallows flying above it. The feelings that arise when looking at such a view, especially from its own window are to me unique. There's a combination of elements with the environment that suggests its magic. 


    Water is a source of inspiration, more in particular oceans, this is because are so vast and give me the feeling of the unknown. Especially here in Australia, I have the chance to look and observe the ocean, here my feelings and thoughts become lost.

    The vivid colors of the sunset is a pure representation of Australian sunsets.

    The swallows represent the end of winter, and this is because they are coming towards us.



    Coogee Beach

    € 300,00Price

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