June 14, 2017

Hi guys,




Thank you for entering our site, as you can see this is still pretty blank!


Don't you worry!


We are currently updating and editing this site to make it easier to people to browser and know us!


Where do I start today?


Well, we are a small online business that is growing day by day.


We want to thank you all: people who follow us and believe in us.


Here a quick overview of what we've done so far:


 1) set up a store (yuppieesss!)
Now you can click on "store" in the menu at the top and with an easy click you can buy your favorite painting. We now accept pay pall payments and debit/credit cards!!


2) we finally set up a blog too!!!
I know it seems so obvious to have it on your website, but trust me it isn't!! When you decide to develop an online business by your own, before you get to the point where you actually have time to sit down and write a blog, a year is gone already!!


3) new flashy, animated website!! Believe me it is such a relief to have an animate and modern website, full of colors, full of life!! Literally chance your mindset!!
It got me a year to understand how to create it, but I can say to be quite proud of my creation!!


4) We want to create an art community!!
There many already, but I'd love people to share their inspiration, their creation, their thoughts through the




I though to use an Italian hashtag so to give an authentic meaning to our community. It really express the aim of such idea: ART AND PASSION.




Alright guys, today I made a big step forward in writing this!! I'm pretty impressed!!




Thanks for reading and don't forget to share your inspiration on #artepassione .



Ciao belli, a presto! 





PS: here you are my inspo for today! 


Winter makes me feel to be in a busy city, full of lights and vibes.



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