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June 20, 2017

Hey guys, 

Here I'm back!


This time I wanted to talk about my projects, my ideas and my future goals.


Where do I start??


I decided to go back to school last year, after three years going around the world, travelling and working as a waitress, I set down and I said: "Noooo way, this is going to be my life. I need to find a solution to change it." 

In the main time I started selling some of my paintings and doing others for commissions. Then I saw the light, I thought << well if I like painting, and people buy my artworks this means that I have a chance to open a small online business. Great!!!!! How do I manage it though?>>


So here you are the decision of going back to school, studying Business. I wanted to go at UNSW, but obviously the chances I could get in the Business School, where 1 out a 1 million. So I started the Bachelor in another College.


I was doing great!!! I loved it, I loved the subjects, my lecturers, the acknowledgement that I was slowly slowly building. I also had distinctions, that I never had even in primary school!! (JOKE!)

But, still I wanted to go at UNSW.


I opened my ABN, I started investing on my business too. I was buying a lot of supplies, I build my own studio. I had great inspiration too.


Unfortunately being a student makes your wallet very small, so my investments into my business became smaller and smaller.


Few months ago, after I finished my first year of College, I decided to leave. The college wasn't anymore what I expected. So I dedicate my self into working and investing.


Finally I have this beautiful website, finally I have so many great ideas to fly with my business,


I'm starting University in a month time, studying Arts so I will study languages, politics and international relations!! 


Now it's time to tell you all my project about my business!
Where do I start???


While I was on vacation in North Queensland, I was looking for an AIRBNB and I noticed that now they also provide experiences.


Then I thought that I had an art experience in Barcelona. 
From there my mind started working, thinking, dreaming and after a few weeks I applied for an art experience on Airbnb.


They accepted my request, because sound quite original.


People will chose 1 (of the four) location to go and paint Sydney's icons. I will provide all tools necessary, all the equipment and at the end of the three hour session they will be taking home with them a set of brushes and an apron plus their beautiful painting!!!


Now I'm about to finalize the application process, where next Monday I will be having a photographic shoot with Airbnb team!!!!


Then I met this lady, who completely inspired me to keep going with my business and ideas and motivated me so much, that I decided to add more products to my business.


So now I'm starting all my small researches on supplies, materials &more&more&more&more!


Now it's dinner time,

thank you for reading!!!

I'll keep you posted as soon as I have new updates!!!!!


Ciaaaaaaaaao Belli!!


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